Event logging system & Product Traceback system

7 October 2020

Event logging system

In traditional factories, the digital flow is usually inefficient due to the lack of connectivities between the several production lines in the factory and a centralized system to process all this data. At the core of the Pioneer’s SmartFA system ——— Job Dispatch System and Recipe Management System, the digital manufacture order could record every check-in/check-out events of operator, material,finished/semi-finished products and access control through event logging system.


The Event logging system is the foundation of all data science. Every event generated during the manufacturing procedure could be triggered by using the Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) sensor in the key operation area. With the RFID bracelet and RFID token, it can record the timestamp of events.


Once we get every events logged at the system, traceability with precision become possible to realize. Furthermore, with all these event tags we can do proper data aggregation and therefore perform data analysis from basic linear regression to advanced machine learning and offer great help to decision maker.


Product History and the Product Traceback

Another common pain point in traditional factories is lack of traceability of the product. With the Event logging system, one can easily reconstruct the product history and store it in the database. These information can be recalled for your reference at any point in the future.


In traditional, to analysis product defects or flaw on certain process it will consume tremendous efforts to try to put all historical data back together and sort them out for root cause analysis. With the labeled producing data logs, it becomes one-click job to put everything together with all cross-reference logs aligned. Thus the engineers can concentrate themselves on root cause analysis and then study for preventive and corrective measures.


Example of application

A cable manufacturer sold several drums of power cable to the customer, 15 months later, the end userfound some defective on one drum during the construction process. As the storage time was too long and customer starts to worry how about the rest of drums from the same batch, are they defected, too? By using the product history and the product traceback system, the cable manufacturer could obtain all production information within a few minutes and provide the acceptance report of the same batch of the products to find the root cause of the defect and therefore confirm/prove whether the whole batch product meets the manufacturing process conditions. The real-time and digital management of the information makes it easier to analyze the cause of defects and could define the responsibility clearly.


Every action on the production line is all about revenue. The Event logging system records the whole production information completely, so that the customers could easily analyze the recorded information with statistical tools. The decision-maker could obtain the whole reports in the shortest time. As a result, the whole production process of the cable manufacturing could be greatly improved and achieve groundbreaking quality assurance on a new level. The Event logging system, product history and traceback can bring considerable benefits to manufacturers. If you're interested in the SmartFA platform system and require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to share more with you.

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