Core components in SmartFA - Job dispatch & Recipe management systems


19 June 2020

We are living an era of big changes, where process digitalization is becoming a key factor, now more than ever.

For that reason, we would like to introduce you to some of the essential functions which are native on Pioneer’s SmartFA platform: Job Dispatch System and Recipe Management System.


As a first step in the SmartFA digital flow, the Job Dispatch System could be described as the core component of the entire process. The production management department could create a digital production order on the system based on the integrated information through MES and ERP and set

the corresponding recipe in advance, then launch these orders to the assigned machines by using the digital production order. These functions are used not only to solve the problem of time-consuming, labor-consuming and management difficulties which are caused by paperwork delivery, but also to avoid the human errors occurring when manually inputting production parameters. The following picture shows the process flow of our Job  Dispatch & Recipe Management Systems.


The introduction of the Job Dispatch System relies on a highly customized design of the function module, being this customization the result of an exhaustive previous consulting task carried out by Pioneer. When implementing the system, customers can easily import CSV files to generate digital production orders automatically, thus allowing an easy transition to the new system. Eventually, the users would become familiar with the operating functions and go-live in the shortest amount of time.

Pioneer SmartFA allow you to:

• Create and administrate digital production orders

• Launch production parameters to the assigned machine

• Overview the list of tasks and the production schedule

• Display the status of the digital production order on each specified machine


Recipe Management System can write the production parameters from the existing database to the assigned machine automatically, which is convenient for the user to manage all production parameters efficiently. Once the production parameters are adjusted during the trial production or

the production process, the parameters can be optimized by restoring the data and can achieve the following advantages:

• Centralized digital management

• Production parameters optimization

• Reducing human operation errors


Process digitalization is definitely the foundation of IIoT and could also support decision-making by connecting the Operation Technology and the Information Technology, providing updated and precise data to the machines. Cable making is a complex and continuous production process which requires a deep domain knowledge of cable manufacturing processes and how to solve the possible bottlenecks. Pioneer Machinery provides a highly customized Job Dispatch System and Recipe Management System to let you carry out the digitalization of your processes and to create the most value of Lean Manufacturing for your company.




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