The Certificate of Appreciation for Pioneer Machinery

18 December 2020

Pioneer Machinery was recently awarded by the Industrial Development Bureau (Ministry of Economic Affairs) with a Certificate of Appreciation for their long and successful history as machine manufacturer, with more than 40 years in the industrial business.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has been recommending qualified manufacturers through the country and city governments every year in order to thank the long-standing manufacturers for their contributions to the country and society.

We are honored to be awarded as a long history business manufacturer in 2020. This is a recognition of Pioneer Machinery's technology and an encouragement for Pioneer Machinery's future work. We will continue improving our technology and machines.

Hope we work hand in hand for a better future with everyone in the cable industry.

If you're interested in the SmartFA platform system and require more information,  please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to share more with you.


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