Predictable maintenance

Pioneer SmartFA enterprise solution for cable & wire

07 May 2020

Pioneer SmartFA platform provides smart manufacturing, analysis and quality control services. In smart analysis, we introduce the vibration analysis technology in order to solve unexpected production loss caused by machine bearings failure. Also, to ensure a stable productivity, equipment manufacturers could predict the mechanical problems to take the initiative to carry out maintenance and repair.


The features of predictable maintenance not only subvert the traditional routine maintenance mode, but also optimize the machines to keep in the best condition of high performance, high utilization rate and high overall equipment efficiency.


Equipment's predictive maintenance system

Traditionally, wire and cable factories conduct the maintenance for their equipment periodically, but still there is always some unexpected shutdown accident caused by key component failures. That is the reason why complying with maintenance in the best possible manner is always a keypoint.

This type of bearing is originally designed for a theoretical lifetime of 84,000 hours, however, the feedback from the manufacturer shows that lifetime of bearing will vary depend on the operating condition. The longest lifetime of bearing could be used for more than 20 years but in reality we have a record that the lifetime can be as short as 4 years.


The main reason for the failure is the deterioration of working conditions, such as for example:

1. Loss of dynamic balance of the rotating body, causing the machine to sway.

2. High temperature deviation on different bearing parts due to abnormal lubrication.

3. Structure distortion and unbalance due to movement of the foundations.


None of these problems can be discovered and resolved through regular maintenance.


Vibration analysis

In order to solve these problems, Pioneer Machinery in cooperation with SKF-the world's largest bearing manufacturer-has introduced the vibration analysis technology into our machines.


We perform spectrum analysis after measuring the acceleration of each bearing housing and monitor the signal characteristics of loading dynamic balance, machine distortion, shaft, lubrication, etc., so that it could be detected and respond immediately when the machine operates abnormally.


Predictive maintenance

Besides the above described vibration analysis, regular and periodical inspections of the bearing's condition shall be done in order to avoid a quick deterioration of quality as well as to evaluate the approximate component lifetime and to prepare the stock of spare parts accordingly.

Our goal is to help our customers to greatly reduce or even avoid any unexpected failures.






Collecting the vibration data from the sensor

Vibration analysis after data collection

  Vibration analysis system diagram: Waterfall plot

  Monitoring the unbalanced loading condition of the rotor immediately and carry out loading reduction or other protectiojn methods. To analyze and predict the remaining life of the transmission componect to arrange the maintenance and replacement of spare parts in advance.

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