Meet Olaya

" I am a person with passion for

  technology and innovation"

Olaya's Internship Experience

I started my internship at Pioneer in 2013 as Industrial Design Engineer. Coming to Asia was definitely challenging but the work and the country are really nice and people treat foreigners very kindly.

During my internship I worked in the electrical and mechanical department. My main responsibilities were the design of touch screen interfaces and machines operation and maintenance manuals.

The job was very interesting and motivating and I learnt a lot thanks to the help of my supervisors and coworkers. All my colleagues were so welcoming and to be around them was so much fun too! So actually it was not only a great working environment but also like a big family.

During the first two months i combined my working hours with an intensive Mandarin course that Pioneer had arranged and which was a great help for me in order to quickly get into Taiwan's culture and lifestyle.

This experience has been surely a stop ahead in terms of personal growth. I believe that for people like myself who are just starting their professional careers it is crucial to be a proactive person as well as to have a strong determination in order to be willing to grab these kind of opportunities without hesitation and get the most out of them.

I strongly recommend to join this program to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally by developing their skills in a wonderful working environment and also to those people who want to explore and enjoy this beautiful country and its culture.




Position: Industrial Design Engineer

Country of origin: Spain

Office: Pioneer Headquarters, Taipei, Taiwan.

Why did you apply for this internship?

I was always very attracted to Asia and when i knew about this Internship Program i didn't think it twice and i applied right away. Of course at first i was a little bit confused as the cable machinery industry is a field with which i wasn't familiarized at all. But once i got to know more about the projects we would be working on i found them very challenging and stimulating and all my doubts fade away.

How do you think your background and experience prepared you for the internship?

My academic background is basically the Mechanical and Industrial Design Engineering. At the university we cover all the basis and principles for both disciplines. And although i had never learn anything specifically related with this field of industry it is for sure that my academic background was a great help. Perhaps the most remarkable of my skills was my good background in all kind of 3D designing which help them to improve the operation and maintenance manuals and make the information more friendly to the customers.

What have you learned from this internship?

I have learnt a lot about cable machinery but also how to work in team, how other cultures work and sometimes how to make myself understood when I did not speak the language. Living and working in another country with a different culture, open our minds and put us in rough situations where you can learn a lot about life.

What do you like about Pioneer?

Pioneer values its employees and offers fantastic opportunities. As an international Company you gain exposure to work with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds.

Would you recommend this internship?

Absolutely yes! This has been one of the best and most enriching experiences of my life. I learnt in so many different fields and truly think this is a great opportunity everyone should experience at least once in their life.




The International Internship Program was born as the result of the collaboration between Pioneer Machinery and several European Universities and it grants the candidates the possibility to acquire professional experience in a multi-cultural environment company by developing tasks related to their professional careers and goals, To get familiar with Asia culture thanks to the Culture Immersion Program provided by Pioneer and to get introduced into the Chinese language thanks to the Mandarin intensive course at a top level Taiwanese University provided by Pioneer Machinery to all the selected candidates for the Program and which is completely free of charge.

Pioneer  Machinery is currently working to expand its collaboration network with other universities not only from Europe but also from Russia and Latin America.

Also, Pioneer Machinery is willing to offer a special Internship Program for Masters Degree Final Thesis purpose upon candidate's request. For more information about the University Partners, general information about the program or internship placement fields please feel free to contact



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