Pioneer SmartFA Enterprise solution for cable & wire
Pioneer Machinery, with more than 40 years of experience of designing and manufacturing wire & cable machinery, is now in the IoT industry providing customers Smart Factory solutions.
SmartFA Platform Visualize and manage your factory easily and intuitively. Pioneer's machine reforming service makes the SCADA system perfectly integrated with SmartFA platform, which is also embedded with customized 3D factory map. And also, we modulate all systems to plug on the platform and allow the customization of the interface and its functions.
Web based
Connected module
Safe and realiable


Product Traceback Product Backtracing system enables cable manufacturer to track process information starting from final product troughout every production process until original materials. With digitized workflow it labels and records every event in detail when it was produced on production line. This system greatly helps users to traverse the whole production processes and able to locate the problem and figure out the root cause. The back-traceable product history feature, as an advanced approach to Quality Assurance, is becoming essential from more and more contractors for their critical projects.


Historical record
Root Cause analysis
Web based platform allows you to access from everywhere, any devices.

Protect your data and manage who and how you can access the platform.

All production monitoring parameter are collected and logged in a Bigdata database with proper event label, which is so flexible that enable the possibility to generate different kinds of historical reports when required.

Use the traceback product history as a key we can recall all historical data records from database and reform the process just like a time machine. Locating a root cause of a cable defect, and find corrective / preventive action is never being that easy.

3D Factory map, SCADA, Product history, Product traceback, Recipe, EMS(energy management system), OEE, QC, SPC, Reports, Preventive Maintenance, Job dispatch, HUD(head up display), Event trigger engine, RFID System, User Control, Big data analysis


OEE Monitor the status of all production lines at any time and generates reports from any appointed period. It not only avoids human errors of key-in in the production data, but save lots of time to get the OEE reports, which are one of the key indexes to improve the production efficiency.
Complete and accurate
With integrating product traceback system, it become possible to generate detail, precise, cross-referenced OEE report which greatly help to manage the production management.

Real time
All production status are updated automatically without interfer with human beings, which results realtime accurate raw data for further analysis.


Job Dispatch System Job Dispatching is the key to start digital wire & cable manufacturing. Employees can create and manage jobs with process recipe, and deploy to the assigned machine. With RFID system, every single event will be labelled and stored in the database such as materials, operators, time etc. It also allows customers to import csv files or files from database to generate jobs automatically.
Job management
With the Job management system, jobs can be organized and modified online. It reduce a lot of paperworks and time of transfering the documents between production management department and factory side.

Reduce human error
Production parameters can be automatically filled into the assigned machine by existing recipes . (remark: only applicable to upgraded IoT lines)


Recipe System
Create, edit, manage all the recipes(parameters) on Pioneer SmartFA platform. It allow customers to conserve optimal parameters as the template for different products or different machines. Further more, you can also save the recipe at production line after fine tuning and satisfy with the quality/performance. Digitalization and centralized management reduce the errors and the waste of the time.
Reduce human errors
Since all parameters are retrived from database and filled in to the production line automatically, it greatly avoid the possiblility of human mistakes.

Access control
Optimize the parameters
Since the recipe is critical to the production line from both quality and performance aspect, Any changes of recipes should be taken seriously. THe ACL (Access Control List) defines privilege of select/adapt/revise/erase of recipe.

Recipe system allows customers to keep improving their parameters on every production practice.


Smart Box For those existed lines that is not suitable to upgrade to an IoT SmartLine, Smart box is an alternative solution to provide integrated electronic control system developed by Pioneer. It equips with touch screen for job dispatch and a RFID reader for data lebelling. It could connect with SmartFA easliy with minimized modification of the existed machine. It realize the first step of digital flow, such as labelling, job management and so on.
Not every production lines require fully upgrade to a Smart line, with SmartBox pacakge it is possible to integrate traditional production line with minimum expanse & works.

Uniform HMI
Process monitoring, job dispatch, event labeling function are all interegrated in this small box with uniform HMI (Human-Machine Interface) as a package, which makes integration job and learning curve easy and fast.

Visualize and manage your factory easily and intuitively. We modulate all systems to allow the costumization of the interface and its functions. Process and production data are continuously recorded and analyzed in real time, allowing predictive maintenance, improved energy efficiency and increase performance and quality.

Every to do event is showing on the screen to make sure operator will not miss it. the boarding board concept makes to do list clear.

Identify, manage and supervise workers, equipment, works in process, finished goods, consumed energy, adjust schedules, job assignment, predictive maintenance and inventory on the fly. Optimize all planning, machines, process procedures and safety for people and the plant leading to reduced time, cost and increased flexibility.

In the Office

Job Queue/

Head up Display

War Room

Printer + Machine Vision

Portable HMI+ Uniform HMI

NFC Labeling

Vibration Analysis

Smart Box

Ethernet Infrastructure

100% inspection is done by our Automated Optical Inspection system right after printing. It is including characters or defect inspection.

Digital Work Flow

Each job / entities has an unique ID which makes possible to trace back all the product history including materials, processes, operators, lines... involved in the process.

Mobilize employees and supervisors to move across the factory and access data wherever they are. To reduce the time of training new employees, we provide consistent user guidance with the same comprehensible surface for different brands.

By labelling the check-in & check-out of operators / materials / processes with a NFC token, it allows everthing to be recorded.

Vibration monitoring system can analyzes the status of rotating equipment to extend the service life of key component, reduce the loss from unplanned down-time and optimize work process

Smart box is an extra integrated electronic control system with the NFC sensor developed by Pioneer.

It is a must for a smart factory to build a full coverage WIFI environment. Also to make the machine connecting to their own devices securely while upstream to SCADA / Servers properly without traffic issue, it is very important to have the ethernet infrastructure built under well-designed topology and hierarchy.
Pioneer Machine IoT Electrical control system upgrade Smart box installation

Perfect integration

Performance Improvement

Affordable & fast deployment

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