Process and production data are continuously recorded and analyzed in real time, allowing predictive maintenance, improved energy efficiency and increase performance and quality. The SmartFA-S7 offers tailor made access for real time process information. The production processes can be standardized to significantly increase production output with even less number of employees / resources.

Every machine line is connected to the gateway, and based on production speed, the system will calculate the estimated time to finish / change bobbin / reload material. This estimated time will be displayed in a count down job listing page to indicate the operator when and where he needs to handle the next step. With this information the operators has the flexibility to work among machine lines.

Smart FA-S7 system allows auto-scheduling porter’s work and bobbin exchange.

Identify, manage and supervise workers, equipment, works in process, finished goods, consumed energy, adjust schedules, job assignment, predictive maintenance and inventory on the fly. Optimize all planning, machines, process procedures and safety of people and the plant leading to reduced time, cost and increased flexibility.

Each job / entities has an unique ID which makes it possible to trace back all the product history including materials, processes, operators, lines, etc. involved in the process.

Mobilize employees and supervisors to move acrossthe factory and access data wherever they are. The app installed in portable devices allows numbers of operatorsto cooperate and operate multiple lines at the same time, apply predictive maintenance, gain early warnings, etc.

Each production line has a scanner to scan barcodes on job orders including job ID, recipe definition, operator ID, processing materials, etc. Then the Digital Work Flow System will automatically deploy corresponding recipe onto the production line from the recipe server.
Smart FA-S7

Technological basis to transform a traditional cable factory

into a Smart Factory

The Smart Factory is quickly becoming a real place
where the technology developed under Industry 4.0 will be put into work,
connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet will increase
the factory productivity, eliminate wastage, reduce costs, and save money

How it works?

All the production lines are connected to the factory network where authorized application can easily gather the information needed from anywhere and perform the tasks without boundaries. The HMI app installed in portable devices allows employees to cooperate and operate multiple lines at the same time, apply predictive maintenance, gain early warnings, etc.

Different ways to connect SmartFA-S7

Depending on whether your plant has Pioneer Machines lines or not, the distributed devices can be controlled either directly, via Native IoT (Internet of Things) connection, or indirectly, via Gateways, to translate their signal into an industrial standard Ethernet protocol (for other suppliers lines).


For old lines which do not have integrated IoT components, it is possible to implement an integration solution to upgrade the electric control system and be able to full control SmartFA-S7.


For lines without accessible source code, whether it is locked or protected, it is possible to implement a distributed I/O system to “peek” the signal from their sensors or PLC I/Os,
(this option only allow us to acquire data).

Data Monitoring & Interaction and Digital Workflow

With all the production lines connected to the factory network based on IoT, any authorized application can easily gather the information needed from anywhere and perform the task without boundaries. This is achieved by enabling devices to communicate directly with the software regardless of their manufacturer to transmit and evaluate data, to determine whether action is required, to inform service engineers, operators and managers for rapid process as production proceeds, and to improve the efficiency of the factory.

Once everything is connected and all data are collected, the Digital Workflow system with a relational database is applied to link everything up. The system not only helps planning and performing the operation but also establishes relationship between each material, process, operation and production line.


With these relationship it becomes trivial task to trace back all quality issue and give to the end user
the confidence with a perfect product history.

Highlighted features

SmartFA-S7 records and analyzes data in real time, analyze scrap levels,

boost the production performance, detect faults before they turn into problems,

reach target quality while reducing the overall operational costs, etc.


One thing is certain, Industry 4.0 is coming. Companies that use new technologies are more competitive
because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with more flexibility.
Companies that are ready to implement Industry 4.0 now will actively shape and lead the industry.





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