" A transformative journey that

forged me into a more capable, adaptable, and resourceful engineer"

Meet Fiorella

Fiorella's Internship Experience

During my last semester, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in industrial sustainability at Pioneer Machinery, a leading Taiwanese manufacturer. This six-month internship was a transformative experience that redefined my understanding of environmental responsibility and ignited a passion for a cleaner future.

I was involved in a project focused on calculating the carbon footprint of a cable manufacturing process.

My experience exposed me to the challenges of industrial sustainability and emphasized the critical role of efficient production management in minimizing environmental impact.

At Pioneer Machinery, I contributed to the Carbon Footprint Calculation project and became familiar with ISO 14067:2018. This international standard significantly influenced my approach to sustainable practices in industrial processes. ISO 14067 offers a framework for measuring and communicating the carbon footprint of products. Our case study on the PVC-insulated copper conductor coil utilized ISO 14067 as a key tool. The case study demonstrates a commitment to transparency, precision, and international standards by implementing ISO 14067 principles. This experience reinforced the importance of standardized frameworks for precise and meaningful evaluations of environmental impacts in industrial processes.

Working on the Carbon Footprint Calculation project at Pioneer refined my technical skills and instilled in me an appreciation for the intersection of technology and sustainability. Today, as I carry the lessons learned at Pioneer with me, I am leading the way to a sustainable future.

What I learned

My internship was not only about completing tasks, but also about self-discovery and personal growth. It helped me realize the true value of my university education and allowed me to test my knowledge in a real-world setting. It was not just about showcasing my skills, but also about demonstrating my ability to be an asset to a company and provide tangible value.

However, it was not only about applying my existing knowledge, it was full of new learning opportunities. Engineering details were explained clearly, teamwork became a skill I learned to master, communication was sharpened, and the art of correcting errors was emphasized. During my internship, I was able to develop and integrate skills that have become vital parts of my professional toolkit, shedding their theoretical coats and blooming in a low-pressure environment. These skills have become vital parts of my professional toolkit, shedding their theoretical coats and blooming in a low-pressure environment. I was delving into the heart of each discipline, grasping their interconnectedness, and applying them together to achieve optimal results. This practical synthesis solidified my understanding of the big picture, the intricate workings of the industry I aspired to join.

My internship, then, wasn't just about checking boxes on a to-do list. It was a transformative journey that forged me into a more capable, adaptable, and resourceful engineer. It equipped me with not just knowledge, but the confidence to apply it, the resilience to learn from mistakes, and the eagerness to embrace new challenges. With each experience, I have laid a brick in the foundation of my future. Now, with a sturdy foundation and a well-stocked toolbox, I feel confident and prepared to embark on the next exciting chapter of my career.


ABOUT Fiorella


Position: Engineer Intern

Education: Science and Technology,

                  National Taiwan University

Office: Pioneer Headquarters, Taipei, Taiwan.

Internship's reason

During my last semester of studying Industrial Engineering, I had the opportunity to intern at this company. As a student eager to learn more about the real world and the skills necessary for success, I was particularly interested in production and sustainability. This internship with Pioneer allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of these areas and the actual operations of a job.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who assisted me during my internship. I gained new insights and improved my work thanks to your advice. I was able to better understand the projects and generate creative concepts thanks to our conversations. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that I plan to use for the rest of my life. It also helped me identify areas where I needed to improve my skills. I gained a better understanding of different cultures and was able to diversify my communication because I had the opportunity to speak with a variety of people. Overall, my internship was a rewarding experience.



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