Engineering & Consulting


Founded in 1973 with our deep and extensive knowledge and decades of work providing consultation to over 400 electric wire and cable companies around the world has given us valuable expertise. We provide a variety of service and support offerings that tap into the experience of our best people as consultants, trainers, implementation crews and service technicians.

Turnkey Plants

From production analysis, utilization analysis, work-flow, quality control, to multiple stages expansion planning, we are familiar with all those key points to make a complete factory to fulfill current demand as well as for future expansion.

Please let our experienced team offer you the best consultation from planning, designing, manufacturing to the operation of the lines in your plant.

Line Upgrade

Pioneer Machinery has made all our newest model IoT (Internet of Things) ready and developed the system in which includes the idea of Industry 4.0 on our machines. The system brings great integration which enables the machines to improve efficiency. The innovation of Industry 4.0 brings us one step closer to the next era.


CV Lines

We understand that the manufacturing medium-high voltage cables is more complicated, requires uniformity of insulation material and also control the conductivity inside and outside. Through our innovative techniques, we are confident to provide the best solutions in medium-high voltage cables area.

Fiber Optic

On application in the fiber optic area, our machines can manufacture packaging, loose tube insulating, cabling, jacketing of fiber optical cables of step index multi-mode, graded index multi-mode and single mode fiber with high quality production, and prevent the formation of cracks on the outer surface or in the internal structure.

Inquiry to us

With decades of work in mainly providing consultation to the electric wire and cable companies, we understand your business. Furthermore, close collaboration with peers and companies like yours has given us a valuable expertise.
We promise to manufacture excellent machines at a most competitive price, offer a range of machines to fit customer's needs, and provide a fast and efficient after sales service department. Trust us, Pioneer Machinery is your best choice.


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Global Service

Sales Service

From our offices in Taiwan, China, Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, and Russia, we are providing sales services with our representatives all over the world. With our professional sales team we are providing our customers highly customized tailor-made solutions in order to be flexible and quick responding to the fast changing cable market nowadays.

After Sales Service

After production line starts to produce, any unexpected down time become critical and may results big loss. To minimize this risk we have made after sales service one of our core service to ensure every of our production lines are able to receive quick and accurate services and therefore reduce the risk of loss. Please fill up the following form >> After Sales Services Form

Spare Parts

We always keep sufficient stock of spare parts to ensure that you can solve any problems of machines rapidly. We promise our machines will function perfectly in using our original spare parts.

Technical Support

Our experienced engineers knows very well all the machine related issues such as trouble shooting, driver download, software upgrade, machine upgrade, production calibration, process calculation, ... etc.

Remote Support Service

We provide immediate online technical support services for our clients.

If you need the technical professionals to log in your computer and give technical support, please download TeamViewer.



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