Meet Stanley

" Think ahead of those simple and easy concepts. Work on them and make innovation."

Stanley's Internship Experience

Since the summer vacation of my sophomore year, I have come to Pioneer Machinery for internship three times, all using the two months of summer vacation and the gap of graduation, and the work content has changed with each time. For the first time, I simply converted the 2D CAD files of the drawings to the Solidworks 3D format, so that you can understand the whole picture of the machine more quickly. At this time, you can become more familiar with Solidworks.

The second time is mainly to organize the standard machine BOM table, the improvement of the 330 wire storage rack, and the discussion of the heat treatment on the wire elongation. It is different from the first step-by-step 3D map conversion, although it is only a trial machine and the improvement of the wire storage rack. Factors such as cost and strength need to be considered. Organizations do not only exist to achieve a certain purpose, but multi-level considerations and use finite element software simulations to verify whether the current design is the best choice. There is a huge difference from what I did in the school lab.

The third time was responsible for the modification of the drawing part of the power to the wire frame order and the preliminary planning of the subsequent standard machine. Compared with the second time, this design improvement has undergone more discussions and modifications to ensure that all designs are meet the order requirements and effectively reduce production costs. In the process of discussion, it is inevitable that there will be mistakes in ideas or parts that need to be revised, but every revision can ensure that the design is more foolproof, and at the same time, my own concept of design has been polished more clearly and accurately. In terms of drawing, what needs to be considered is how the parts will be processed. Different processing methods or different precisions will have different marking methods, and it is also important to be careful.

ABOUT Stanley Wung

Position: Mechanical Engineering Intern

Education: Mechanical Engineering,

                  National Taiwan University

Office: Pioneer Headquarters, Taipei, Taiwan.

Perhaps once they hear the word “mechanical”, most people’s thoughts still can’t get out of the framework of conventional industries. However, during my three-year internship, I can see that Pioneer is actually committed to the development and bringing new technologies and innovations into it in addition to the inherent part of the transfer. Breakthroughs in existing technologies, such as calibration through image recognition and artificial intelligence, meals and the promotion of industry 4.0 projects, etc. Although it started for a short time, it is actively promoting the expansion of its own software and hardware technology. What I saw during my internship is not only my undergraduate technology, but also more diversified knowledge in other fields, and choose the road I want to move forward in the future.

Besides work here, I can feel that the relationship between everyone is not just colleagues who handle official business together. The overall atmosphere of the company is more warm and lively. Everyone will chat, play sports together, have afternoon tea and so on. When talking about official business, supervisors and bosses tend to use discussion to integrate opinions from multiple parties, and each take advantage of everyone's strengths to explore the possibility of design. Ideas will not be constrained or ignored. It is a working stage where I can give full play to my creativity and imagination.

Internship's reason

In the junior year, the Department of Mechanical Engineering began to have elective courses. Each course is narrow but deep.  I did not know what ability I really needed. What kind of ability do I need when I work in the future. Therefore, I want to understand the actual operation of a job through internship. In the course selection process, I took courses related to the finite element method because I needed to estimate the strength trend of the mechanism through simulation during the design. I chose to study heat treatment and surface modification because I came to the site to help clarify the relationship between copper wire hardening and tensile rate during the internship. Although the choices in the course are after the situation occurs. There is no way to get a more complete and comprehensive answer to the current problem, but I can quickly propose a solution when the same situation occurs. And there are more clear sources for evidence, which can also let others know what the basis of their current judgment is.

In addition, thank you to everyone who helped me a lot during the internship. Whether it's giving me a lot of opinions and revision directions, or answering many questions kindly, I won't be at a loss when trying new things. In the process of discussion, different ideas are often stimulated to solve the problems faced by the design. After this internship, I learned a lot of different knowledge and precautions from the school. I was also more proficient in this aspect and knew what aspects I could improve. At the same time, I also met many kinds of people to share experience, play, chat or other suggestions. Let me have a very pleasant internship experience.

What I learned

During the internship, the internship period is like a process of self-examination. You can see if it is useful what you have learned during the university, and whether you can apply the knowledge you have learned, and really be a good place. The company brings positive benefits. In addition, it is also a process of learning new things. In addition to academic knowledge, many things can be learned, engineering details, teamwork, communication, correction of errors, interpersonal relationships, etc., the school the less emphasized part, during the internship period, you can explore and integrate them with less pressure, and eventually become a part of your own abilities.

During the internship, I realized that the design needs to consider factors such as cost, processing method, and ease of assembly to design and modify. The aspects that need to be considered are better and broader, and each part is interlinked, which is different from the consideration of a single school subject in the school. The process is more like reviewing the outline of each subject, and integrating and applying them, so as to achieve all Standard best design. It is also because of the fact that I have actually run through these processes, it also allows me to better understand the full picture of the industry's work.






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