"Smart Manufacturing Innovation for the WIre & Cable Industry”   -  by Insight Machinery Magazine.


21 May 2020

Recently we were truly honored to be interviewed by Insight Machinery Magazine on their 42nd published edition of May 2020. The content of the interview goes through the entrepreneurial story of the company’s chairman and founder, and how the second generation of successors successfully managed to transform a traditional company into a world leading company by setting up a clear development direction and courageously opening up new markets through technological innovation.


Setting up a fully functional wire and cable factory is an enormous project that requires not only a huge investment but also a high level of professional technology and know-how as well as a wide range of industrial equipment, which can be summarized into 3 main groups, wire drawing, wire stranding and cable extrusion.


A few years ago, Pioneer Machinery decided to focus their effort into IoT and machine intelligence, thus beginning to install temperature, vibration and current sensors on their machines as well as automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment.

This conceptual transition to Industry 4.0 allowed Pioneer Machinery to gradually implement Smart Factory solutions to wire & cable makers, whom in the past had to seek for the help of system integrators with vague or nonexistent knowledge of the real needs of a cable manufacturing plant.


Predictive maintenance is another relevant aspect to highlight and for that reason Pioneer Machinery, in collaboration with Swedish bearing maker SKF, has developed and introduced a cloud intelligent service that combines artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and data analysis to monitor the bearing’s performance, optimize the equipment and the manufacturing processes thus preventing from unexpected loss of production.


After more than 40 years of technological innovation, we could confidently say that we are not just a machinery manufacturer, but also a solution and service provider who can help their customers ensure a high efficiency and high quality production through our SmartFa platform.




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